Cloud application platform

Build, deploy, manage & scale any application. Pogoapp is a unified toolchain and architecture for running modern web apps and their supporting ecosystem. You know, for code.

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Deploy any app

Yep, any app. Like ruby, python, node.js, java, php, jruby, lua, go, scala, postgres, memcached, redis, cube, mysql, mongo, clojure ...
It's all just apps to us.

Scalable data

Use your existing code, libraries and tools for scalable networked storage with our S3-compatible Ceph cluster, or keep data on the filesystem for high-performance.


All source code lives in private git repositories - git push triggers an automatic build and deployment. Do you need some extra repos? They're included.

Realtime Web

Our front-end HTTP(S) routers support WebSockets, so secure, realtime apps are a breeze.

Open standards

Open logs, stats, buildpacks, Procfiles, S3-compatible storage and a familiar REST API and CLI

Our hardware

Forget servers and VMs. We run the hardware. Everything else is apps.

Get started in minutes

Why start from scratch? At our Hub you can find demo and popular open source apps already compiled and ready to use on Pogoapp. Browse around and if you find an app you'd like to use, just fork yourself a copy and boot it up with a couple clicks.

If you already have an app, deploy it with a git push

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Complete Control

Use our web control panel, command line tool and REST API to manage /monitor your app. Scale process groups up /down, configure domains, setup databases, caching, analytics etc.

We've also got open-source, realtime logs and stats running on your own Mongo databases. Share a shell with multiple users, via the web or command line.

You can even use SSH.

Friendly support, simple pricing

We're happy to help by chat, email, web tickets or IRC.

We have flat-rate, resource-based pricing. Just pay for the RAM and disk space you need & run what you want.

During our beta period it's just $5/month per 256MB RAM and 1GB disk space, shared between all your apps, processes and resources.